Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I sit here in my tan dining room, life crazily swirls around me. Sergei's sizzling bacon, Polly is eating cheese puffs and drinking water out of her red cup. Elaina and Zoya are engrossed in another exciting episode of Arthur, their reward for having finished homework and straightening up their bedrooms.

Sergei has the radio on, Polly's humming and clicking along to the tune in between fist fulls of puffs. My feet are up on a dinning room chair. I am fulfilled having gotten my chores done this afternoon as well; the wash is folded and put away, we are nearly packed for our Thanksgiving trip tomorrow, bathroom and kitchen are clean for now.

I am thankful. Our house is warm. I smell potato soup with bacon cooking on the stove. We have a nice place to live, good food to eat, good company in one another.

We have our health. We have faith in God inspite of ourselves.

And we have this shared pursuit of getting Evangeline home.

Today Elaina and Zoya's homework was to write what they are thankful for. Both said they are thankful for sisters, especially for their sister waiting in Eastern Europe to come be a part of our family.

I am also thankful for so many people, many we don't even know, who have contributed to Evie's Christmas fund. We are almost half way to our goal! I am amazed, once again, by God's provision. I shouldn't be, I know, because God provides. And yet I am.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!