Friday, February 13, 2009


This beautiful little girl is Yulia. She is almost four years old, lives in Eastern Europe and has Down syndrome. Anytime after her fourth birthday, Yulia can be institutionalized.

Charissa over at Country Living the Urban Way is hosting a fund raiser to help raise money for Yulia. As of yet, Yulia does not have a family committed to adopt her. A grant towards Yulia's adoption could very well mean life for this sweet little girl. What a blessing the money could be to a family who would like to adopt her.

Click on the picture to get to Charrisa's blog and please donate if you can! As a thank you there's a certain something that will be given away to one person who's name is drawn from a hat by Ava, another little Eastern European princess who's life has been completely changed through adoption. But really, donating to a great cause is gift enough right?