Friday, April 17, 2009

I mailed out our dossier!!!

The last document we needed for our dossier came this morning.

I just got back from FedExing it to Eastern Europe.

When the document came this morning to our door, I reached out to take it with shakey hands and tears.

At the FedEx place, it was business as usual for everyone there but me. When the person helping me placed our documents into the large white envelope I had to fight myself not to yell out, "careful, that is a child's future you are handling!"

It is surreal to hand over documents that took six months to prepare with the knowledge that out of that work, those white pieces of paper with notaries and seals, prayed over, cried about, looked at so long that my eyes burned...

...comes a child.

By the grace of God.

God willing, it will reach Eastern Europe by Tuesday!

Thanks for all your support and prayers!