Wednesday, April 8, 2009


This week I've been in Michigan helping my family with my very sweet, 91 year old grandma. Every night I call Sergei to find out if our approval came in the mail.

Tonight I called later than usual...depleted after helping my mom get my grandmother transferred to a care facility. Her needs are more than can be met at home anymore and everyone in our family is very sad about the needed change.

So when I talked to Sergei tonight I asked, out of habit, about the mail. Did our INS 171 approval come today?

My bachelor husband hadn't even checked the mail ten at night...and there it was. Our approval. It's there!

Tomorrow the girls and I will head back home and my next couple of days will be filled with getting our dossier apostilled and ready to send to Ukraine.

Today has been bitter.

Tonight is sweet.