Thursday, April 23, 2009

Please pray with us!

Our facilitator in Evangeline's country emailed us today saying that tomorrow (Friday) he will try to get a needed letter in order to submit our dossier next week to the court. Without the letter tomorrow, the wait will be a couple weeks until we can submit due to a few back to back holidays in-country.

Will you pray with us that if it is God's will, the letter will be obtained tomorrow?

And will you pray for God's peace for us...that regardless of what tomorrow brings we will continue to trust His perfect timing in bringing our child home?

The Lord has provided many wonderful new friendships through this adoption journey. Today I remember words of comfort from a few friends. Words that are oh, so true...

My friend Meredith often says on her blog, "Either God is on the throne or he's not.

My friend Brigitte's motto for her adoption is "If God brings you to it He will get you through it."

And my friend Amy, adopting Pavel, encouraged me so much yesterday with her words sent to me in an email..."I'm trusting that God has already seen the day we will bring him (Pavel) home."

Amen, my friends.