Friday, June 12, 2009

In real life!!

We met Evangeline today!

This morning our facilitator picked us up at 7:45am. After one more stop for the interpreter we headed to a suburb of Kiev to bring our referral from the SDA to the regional inspector. Not only did the regional inspector give us the paperwork we needed but she went with us to meet Evie. She needed to see the initial contact I guess. I envsioned an old man but was surprised to sit next to a young girl wearing a hot pink t-shirt...our inspector.

So we drove to Vorzel, all five of us and I was struck with how green and nice the town was. Close to the orphanage I saw a group of children in a row, walking with their care givers. It choked me up.

We walked into a building and were ushered into another room immediately. There we met the doctor overseeing Evangeline's group. She sat us down and talked us, again but more extensively, through Evangelines medical history. We pretty much knew everything; that Evie has Down syndrome, that she has a small whole in her heart that seems to be closing and she is being treated for hypothyroidism. Her chest is also enclaved and since I don't know much about that, I'll make an appointment for that right away after we get home.

Half way through the doctor's talk the nurse knocked on the door with Evie. I heard her kind of crying outside the door and wanted to tell the doctor that we've heard enough, that we wanted to see our child but of course, I sat there politely while she asked the nurse to wait out in the hallway with the child until we were finished. That was torutre!

So, finally the doctor stopped talking and she called the nurse in with Evie. They walked in together, Evie needed both hands and lots of help. She looked around and got spooked by the whole room of people and started to cry. The doctor suggested we head outside to see her groupa and before I knew it we were in the yard and instantly I was drawn to Evie. I bent down and helped her to stand. She leaned on me and I just breathed her in. Here was the child I had been waiting for for eight months, the little one I dreamed of, my last thought at night and my first thought in the morning. I straightened out her arm and kissed the inside of her elbow. Pure heaven.

We hope to take Elaina and Zoya to meet her tomorrow.

And I hope to get some one on one time with her soon to get to know her a bit more. In her groupa, she was one of the kids who needed a bit more help with things...I can't wait till we are the ones who help!

Good day!