Monday, June 1, 2009

We are (hopefully) going to Ukraine...prayers needed!

I've been wanting to say the word 'Ukraine' on this blog for eight months and now that we are private I'm allowed to say that Evangeline lives right outside of Kiev.

Most of you know we were missionaries in Kiev for almost four years, up until Polly was born. Sergei was born and raised in that city, too.

We know first-hand through experience that life in Ukraine, especially politically, can change at any time.

Tuesday, there will be a vote by Parliament (?) to decide whether or not Ukraine is going to start the process to put a moratorium on international adoptions. No one really knows what this means exactly or what it will look like for families like ours who already have a court date set in-country, or for others who are compiling their dossiers and close to being ready to submit.

The variables are endless...I would like prayer that the vote to do this is no. They could also vote to have a moratorium but still honor the adoptions close to being finished, or they could still honor special needs adoptions.

We plan to leave one week from today, Monday June 8th. Please, Lord, let it be so.

There are seven families from Reece's Rainbow alone who plan to be in Kiev in the next two weeks for adoptions, and 37 families in process right now through RR for Ukraine.

These kids need loving families and God has called us to step forward and welcome them into our lives. Please pray along with us for a good outcome Tuesday.

I will keep you updated.