Monday, July 20, 2009

Passport started

I just have a minute...but wanted to update.

Yesterday, we started Evie's passport but for some reason instead of the usual turnaround we were told we would not receive the actual passport until Friday. Another delay!

Once I found out I did what any respectable Christian walking by faith would do...I burst into tears. That got my facilitator on the phone, asking for favors, trying to figure out if he could get the passport by Wednesday somehow so that we can leave Thursday as scheduled.

So, we wait to the meantime the American Embassy is letting us get a head start on Evie's visa and today I get to see my friends experience 'gotcha day', taking their kids out of the orphanage forever.

What a privilege.

If we don't get the passport on Wednesday I will once again change our tickets...there is a hope we could still fly out this weekend.

Also, please pray...Sergei's Aunt died on Saturday night. So his mom is very much involved in helping her brother prepare for the funeral. Pray for Sergei's cousin and uncle and the rest of the family in this time of grief.

Thanks so much.