Tuesday, July 7, 2009


SO much of this adoption process has been us hurrying up to then again, wait. Now that we have Evie here with us at my mother-in-law's apartment, I was hoping that yesterday we would start the paperwork needed for the American Embassy to take her home. But nope, yesterday the first place of business was closed. So today I've been ready and waiting since 9am for my facilitator to call. Well he called, and said there was some little problem with a signature and he was on his way to another town to try to rectify the situation. So we sit and wait.

I was really hoping that we could leave this coming Saturday, July 11th but if the embassy process does not start today (i.e. passport, visa, medical) I don't really think that is a reality I can hope for. I'm taking a deep breath, praying, hugging our girl and trying to help Elaina not to be too bored and... waiting.

Please pray with me that we can get the needed signature today. Elaina and I are homesick and we can't wait for Polly and Evie to meet each other.

Thanks so much for your prayers.

And an Evie update: she is doing well; loves to eat (almost too much), has fun going out on walks twice a day, LOVES the stroller and every day we are getting more smiles and eye contact and giggles. Sergei saw her on SKYPE yesterday and was surprised at how different she looked and acted. I am so loving getting to know our daughter! And my mother-in-law and bro-in-law are both helping so much. MIL is making a bunch of Ukrainian food for Evie, stuff she got at the orphanage and BIL took Elaina out on a little excursion yesterday to a park. She met some other American kids there and they played a long time. It was just what Elaina, who was starting to feel every so slightly left out with all the fuss over Evie, needed.