Thursday, November 12, 2009

Evie's hanging out

There is a new post about Polly and her diagnosis of Moyamoya at Pocket Lint.

But I wanted to also update on Ms. Evangeline.

The time Polly was in the hospital was tough on Evie. In one week she had multiple caregivers other than Sergei and me. By the time life got back to 'normal' Evie had regressed a bit in most areas. She was back to refusing any food but baby cereal, spitting out any other texture or taste. Her eye contact was scattered again and she held her hand up to her eye a lot again. We caught her hitting her head in bed several night in a row.

Poor thing. The prior few weeks had been going a little bit better. She really responds to the sensory diet her OT laid out for us and she loves her swing. I was starting to feel a bit of a connection and felt less and less frustrated over small set backs or having to go slowly in bonding with her.

But such is life; a big thing happens in a family and everyone is off kilter for a while.

I was thankful that upon my arrival home the night we learned that Polly had Moyamoya my inclination was to find Evie and rock her. It isn't always like that nor will it be. It's a struggle to deal with Polly's new diagnosis and attempt to meet Evie where she is at. But that night it was right. I held her.

And she let me.

So we have that.

Here's Evie swinging in her swing...she LOVES it!

She even fell asleep in it last week.