Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Yesterday I faxed off 48 pages of our dossier to our State-side adoption helper for checking.

And now I am nesting, I think.

The upstairs bedrooms are finally switched around. Sergei and I moved into the old guest bedroom. Zoya moved in with Elaina (their idea) and Polly moved into our old master bedroom where she soon will be joined by Evangeline, God willing. Zoya's room is the guest room with the complete understanding all around that at any time it can turn back in to Zoya's room. All three girls are loving the extra space in Polly and Evie's room; all the toys finally have a home together.

I've recycled bags of paper from the kids' rooms. They LOVE junk mail! Four bags of odds and ends went off to good will and tomorrow morning once everyone is off to school I will start painting Elaina and Zoya's room (I messed up the walls pulling down Elaina's old decorations -oops).

This feels good. It makes it more of a reality that another little one will be joining our family.

I am also nesting internally; I ordered books on attachment and adoption and am trying to look each of my children in the eye at least once a day, giving them my full attention. I'm praying. Taking baths. Moving forward in paperwork and house prep.

Still on the list; figure out some clothes for Evie (she looks almost bigger than Polly, so we may be moving up a size), buy a toddler bed for Polly so that Evie can have the crib, figure out high chairs and strollers.

I'm open for advice...especially from those of you who have twins or are baby bunching. Polly and Evie are 6 months apart. Yikes.

And I bet you will see them dressed alike, time and again, just because I never thought we'd have twins.

(Today I have a post up at Pocket Lint about whether or not adding Evie to our family is fair to our other kids. Would love for you to read it!)