Monday, March 16, 2009

Praise and a prayer

I just heard from our adoption State-side helper, the one I had faxed 48 pages of our dossier to last week.

Except for a few minor changes, everything looks good! Yea! I was worried about having to redo hard-to-do forms. I'll make the needed changes and get the new documents notarized and we should be good to go.

I also heard from USCIS last week. They confirmed the arrival of our paperwork and asked that we'd allow 4-8 weeks for processing. This piece of paper, the I 171-H is the last of our dossier requirements. 1 week down, God willing, only a few more to go.

Will you pray along with Sergei and me that this form will come in God's time and that God's time could be sooner than later?

Regardless, I am so glad that we are to this point. Paperwork out of the way gives me a lot more time in the day.