Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A change in status & an adoption shower

I just noticed today that our family has been moved over to the 'traveling soon' page from the 'our adopting families' page at Reece's Rainbow. That's Exciting!

We are still on track to submit our dossier next Monday, May 18th.

Almost there!

Appreciate prayers that our dossier will be accepted Monday without any hold ups and that we will receive a travel date soon after.

Also, a big thank you to our church in Michigan for the adoption shower for Evangeline that was held last Saturday. We went to Michigan on Friday night to spend time with my family there and then got to visit with my grandma at her care facility on Saturday morning and then the little trip was finished off Saturday afternoon with the wonderful shower.

It meant a lot to us that time was spent in prayer at the shower for Evangeline and for the adoption to be completed in God's time. I snapped a bunch of pictures for the life book I am working on for Evie and friends showered us with financial gifts as well!

Last week we received a donation of $1000 anonymously. With the money we received Saturday at the shower added to the anonymous gift we should be able to take our two older girls along with us for the first part of our adoption journey in Evie's country.

WOW! God is good!

Here is the video that our friends Kirk and Bonnie Goodwin made for us for the shower!