Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Evangeline is ours!!!

By the grace of God, we are now the proud parents of Evangeline Sergeyevna Marchenko! Thank you Lord!!!

Court this morning went very well! We were their at 9am sharp with our facilitator, the judge, the district attorney, and the director of the Vorzel orphanage. Once we were called in and seated, the judge talked for a while in Ukrainian. Between that and nerves I didn't understand a thing. Knowing that I'd be asked questions, I willed myself not to tear up. The judge talked to Sergei first, asking him why we want to adopt a child with Down syndrome, what programs are available to help her in the States, what do our other children think about the adoption. Sergei was nervous as well, so he answered most everything in Russian which helped me to follow along. He told the judge that we believe God has called us to bring Evie into our family.

After his turn the judge called on me. I stood up with the interpreter and the first question to me was if I agreed with everything my husband just said. I said rather loudly in Russian "sto percentov" which means 100%. Everyone chuckled and smiled that I answered in Russian. The judge proceeded to ask me if I was prepared to care and love for Evie...and then the tears flowed. She talked and I cried and once in a while I whispered "kanyeshna" (of course I will) in Russian. The judge told me that I did not need to say another word. My tears spoke strongly enough about my heart as Evangeline's mother. We were asked to sit back down and my head spun...there we were, becoming Evie's parents officially.

I was once again giving birth in Ukraine.

The judge although firm, was very nice and was very glad to see a Ukrainian in this position.

So much is going through my head right now but I have to run and help Sergei and Zoya pack for their trip back to Chicago tomorrow.

I will write more later...I am on cloud nine!!!