Friday, June 26, 2009

Two days down, eight to go...

But it will probably end up being ten more days altogether before Evie's gotcha day because the ten day wait is up on a Saturday and we need a letter from court to get her. So right now the plan is to pick up the court decree and Evie on Monday, July 6th. I am waiting to find out how many days after that we'll need to finish up and catch a flight back home. Would love prayer that things would happen quickly and that we'd be able to leave the weekend of July 11th. Now that Evie is 'ours' and that Sergei and Zoya are home and plan to pick up Polly from grandma's house today, I am very close to being ready to go.

It's been hard these last two days visiting Evie, knowing she is ours and still following all the caregivers orders and then giving her back after the visit.

But soon, very soon...

And even though I already miss Sergei and Zoya and I still miss Polly, it's such a neat time to spend just with Elaina. She is so tender with Evie and all the other kids in her groupa, she makes me laugh and she is up for anything. What a great kid.

Today, she was on camera duty. She got a few cute shots!