Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday's visit

We got to spend two hours with Evie today! It was really nice to be with her longer although she wasn't feeling very well and ended up needing to be changed several times. Her stomach's upset and the care-givers thinks it could be new teeth coming in. I'm happy to report my mommy radar has turned on just fine and I suspect some kind of little bug may be going through her system. Of course, I could be totally wrong. We're going to call later to check on her.

And we know for sure now that court to make Evie our legal daughter will be Wednesday morning. That will be a busy day because after court we have to run around Kiev and finish up all the paper work that Sergei needs to sign off on before he and Zoya leave Thursday for the States. I am dreading them leaving...I'm gonna miss my hubby!

Here's a few shots of our visit today...our girl doesn't feel the best.