Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Scratchy Day

What a day! We were picked up at 8:30am and taken to the SDA to wait for two other American families to get their referrals to meet their children. We waiting a long time and I was worried for the families. I knew how much they wanted to meet their kids.

Finally we were able to go on to Vorzel. When we got to Evie it was almost lunch time. We spent about 25 minutes with her. Evie got excited when she saw me and she had a huge scratch on her cheek. Her care-givers said she had scratched herself before we arrived, that all mroning she had been a bit fussy and agitated. The scratch was long and deep. It made us sad to see the wound.

Evie loves to walk holding on to our hands and we spent most of our time walking around the yard, letting her guide the way but kind of ushering her toward the other baby house so we could see how our other American friends were fairing meeting the children they were there for.

And she surprised us today! At one point during our visit, she was with Sergei and looked around for me. When she saw me, she said 'mama.' I can assure you electric rippled through my limbs. My eyes teared up. I grabbed her from Serg and took her off to sing some of Polly's favorite lullabies to her while she nestled into my neck.

I think Evie has a lot to show us.