Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sisters meet!

Per Lainie's post below, the girls got to meet Evangeline today. We weren't sure if it was actually going to happen though. My dear friend Alyona picked us up and drove us out to Vorzel today but we were stuck in traffic and ended up arriving after 1:00pm. Evie had just fallen asleep and her care-givers didn't want to wake her. We could not wait for two hours b/c Alyona's family were waiting with lunch for us at their house. So, sadly, at first, we went on to Alyona's house and although we were disappointed, ended up having a lovely time with our dear Ukrainian friends whom we hadn't been with for a long time. Then after 4pm, Alyona offered to drive us back out to Vorzel (about 20 minutes from her house which is outside of Kiev). We were surprised and very thankful!

And it worked! Evie was up and we got to spend some time with her and introduce her to two of her new sisters. The girls were smitten, Evie was giggly and I did not want to let her go. I look forward to longer visits next week. But I'm sure every time it is going to be difficult to give her back.