Sunday, June 14, 2009

Being in Kiev

Our adoption story is a little different than others, because of the fact that we lived here in Kiev for almost four years before Polly was born and her care took our family back to the States.

Now in the midst of completing our adoption of Evangeline, we are attempting to spend time with friends and family as well. Today we did not go to see Evie but spent the day at an outdoor baptism of good friends. Then we took part in a Ukrainian picnic, complete with volleyball, shashleek (kind of like our shish kabobs cooked over an open fire), going off to use nature's toilet...the works.

It's so good to be back. Today involved a lot of hugs and some tears. I was overwhelmed at how quickly children grow into young adults and generally thankful to participate for a time again in the life I so loved to lead before.

After the picnic we spent the rest of the evening with my closest Ukrainian friend, who happens to be married to Sergei's closest Ukrainian friend. We had a wonderful time catching up, then caught a ride to the Metro to make our way back to Babushka's house.

I snapped a picture of Sergei reading a book on the train yesterday, explaining to the girls that this is how their Papa grew up. Today, each girl pulled out a book on the Metro to read :). So cute.

Tomorrow morning we will be up early and will drive out to Vorzel with friends to visit with Evie.

I can't wait.