Wednesday, June 10, 2009

We are in Ukraine!

We made it!

Thanks for your prayers. Our trip was uneventful which is always good lol. We got to Sergei's mom's apartment yesterday around 3pm. It's so nice to have family here. She had a meal ready, fresh towels and beds ready to for the night. I was the first to crash at 6:30pm and the girls followed me at 8pm. Sergei tried to wait up to see his brother who would be in at midnight, but didn't make it past 10pm.

Zoya and I were up at night for a bit, but we all slept basically until 8am. Now Sergei is off to renew his Ukrainian passport and the girls are helping Babushka make serniki (a breakfast food, cheese and sugar make up little patties and then are fried. You eat it with sour cream).

I haven't left the apartment yet today, but Sergei went out last night and hit the grocery store. He came home with beer and fish...true Ukrainian lol! Every time we come back to visit Sergei and I both get sad for a few days. Sad b/c we've missed it here and also sad at the temperment of the city; lots of people out drinking, people with stern faces hurrying to someplace important, idle youth congregating near doorways, doing nothing.

The feeling of hopelessness will fade in a few days, to be replaced with hugs and laughter and lots of big Ukrainian meals...and the feeling of our new daughter's arms around us.

This afternoon we plan to meet up with my friend Brigitte and her new little adopted guy Jake.

Our first court date is tomorrow morning at 10am. After that, we should get the papers in order to go meet Evangeline! WOW!

I'll keep you updated! For now, here's a few pictures:

The girls in Chicago

On the plane

At Babushka's house: Zoya and Uncle Nic (Serg's bro)

Lainie and Babushka making serniki