Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Count your blessings

Tonight marks another day of waiting for some mysterious code needed for Evie's new paspport, a code that apparently we have but still need a confirmation letter to prove it. We have been waiting for this piece of the adoption puzzle here in Kiev since last Wednesday.

God willing, the confirmation will be there tomorrow and we can get a start on the passport. Our facilitator's helper says that the passport can take two to four days, which mean we probably are not flying out Friday as planned. Best case scenario, we get the passport Thursday and still have to do a medical exam and get an American visa before we can fly. As I am trying to wrap my head around another weekend away from family, a probable lost opportunity to spend at least a couple of days with one of my dearest friends who is in Chicago, staying at my house as I type this and who is also leaving Sunday afternoon (I so wanted to meet her third child for the first time!) and rounding the corner on week five of staying with my mother-in-law and Sergei's brother and my children in a two bedroom apartment, I am forced tonight to count my blessings. It's either that or go crazy.

So here they are:

*I have a new daughter, whom I'm head over heels in love with, who already looks around for me and has started to babble the word 'mama.'

*We've been able to stay at my MIL's for the duration of our Kiev adoption, rent free with some home cooked meals thrown in.

*I speak Russian, therefore I've been able to get around the city fine and was able to talk with the orphanage workers at Vorzel and in so doing helped to get three new kids' pictures up for adoption at Reese's Rainbow!

*I've spent some great time with close Ukrainian friends here.

*My husband misses me so much he has started to write me love letters.

*Also, my husband is a wonderful father with a flexible job, enabling him to care for Zoya and Polly and work in my abscence.

*I have really enjoyed getting to know the other moms adopting with RR in Kiev right now, and look forward to continuing our friendships stateside.

*Some of our best friends and teammates, the Bakers, returned to Kiev recently from the States and Lainie is spending the night there tonight with her buddy, Marina...which means fun for her and a little more quiet for me.

*I feel completely justified eating chocolate every day here b/c to get anywhere to and from the apartment is an uphill walk. And my pants are a little loose!

*I have a laptop and internet access.

*I am a child of God, and he is in control. He is still on the throne in this situation and he has called our family to adopt Evie...we're going to get through this!