Sunday, July 12, 2009

Thunder Storms

Today was our last day of four days of waiting...tomorrow, God willing, we will have Evie's orphanage code changed for some document, enabling us to move forward with her passport, medical visit and visa and home. Oh, how I wish and pray that it is so tomorrow.

We had a birthday party for Sergei's mom today...I was sick on her actual birthday on Friday. It was a great celebration. Right before we sat down to eat a thunderstorm rolled in. I grabbed Evie and held her and rocked her.

Two weeks ago, while in Kiev, we had an even more horrific storm, the kind that turns from blue skies to black in the blink of an eye...and I thought of my baby in the orphanage, alone, rocking, afraid.

What a blessing that she was with family tonight...and that she will from here on out, be with family. Thank God we have her!

Appreciate prayers for the code tomorrow!