Monday, August 17, 2009

Still here

I loved following other adoption blogs but always got upset when the family would come home with their new child and fall off of the face of the blog earth.

"I'm going to post just as much when I get home," I resolved.

Yea, right.

Three weeks. We've been home three weeks. Elaina and I still look at each other about once a day stating that we're tired. Sergei is gladly back to work full-time although he has been very sweet to be home here and there with kids for Evie's doctor appointment and he takes them all for a play date at the park once in a while to give me a break. Our bags are finally unpacked. And our social worker comes tomorrow for our first post-placement visit. Wednesday a team of therapists from Early Intervention will come to evaluate Ms. Evangeline in order to get her therapy schedule in place. Time is of the essence here...she ages out at the end of October.

Polly is tolerating me but still prefers Sergei to meet her needs. Although the first few days, she wouldn't let me go. It's OK, it's sweet that she is so attached to her Papa and I know she's coming around. She and I have been enjoying a nap here and there and it's been wonderful.

Zoya is doing well. She especially does a great job including Evangeline in whatever game is going on at the time and she loves to walk Evie around the house holding her hands.

Another reason why I haven't posted much upon coming home is that I've been thinking a lot about balance. I want to be honest about our transition; about Evangeline and how I think we are bonding. I want to be positive and honest and helpful to the next family finishing out the traveling part of their adoption adventure. And I'm trying to think how to do that.

I guess what I can say today is that we are thrilled to have Evie in the family and we see a lot of improvement in her since she came home.

But there are also struggles; I don't feel like she and I are bonded well yet, she still prefers to be alone, her eating is taking a downward turn and I honestly, I experienced quite a bit of impatience and anger. Sometimes I just want her to want me. But I know that will take time.

My job is to love her, to love all my kids.

And wait and see how all of this is going to work out.

I plan to keep this adoption blog going for a while longer to better chronicle this part of the adoption road. Later on I'll see about putting Pocket Lint and this blog together into something new.

Stay tuned.