Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Biggest Gift

We are grateful for the monetary donations we've received from family and friends and even strangers to help bring Evangeline home so far.

Last week I got a letter in the mail from a woman who lives in the town next door to my parent's town back home. Her return address read, "With God all things are possible."

The woman goes to the church we attended in Michigan before we left for the mission field in 2002 and after we returned from the mission field in 2006.

Her note said that there has only been one time she helped in the baby nursery at that church and that particular Sunday morning she happened to have our daughter Polly. She said she held Polly the whole time and that she fell asleep on her.

"Gillian, I don't have much, but I wanted to give what I can to help you get Evangeline home. Polly is just precious and I am so excited you are doing this. I am praying that God will bring her home."

The money order was for $15.

Her sweet words and support mean the world to us.

What a gift.