Thursday, January 8, 2009

Sunshine on my shoulder makes me happy

Yesterday started out a little frenzied again but it got better. My husband offered to take Polina with him on some errands so I had the house to myself for a while.

I called my sister and asked her if she'd like to go on an impromptu trip to anywhere warm.

And then the sun came out.

It was glorious.

And I got to work on some forms for the adoption. Thank God, for now it seems the adoption writer's block is gone. I completed a couple forms to the best of my ability now and set up a notary to come with us to sign our medical forms next week.

It felt really good to do something instead of worry.

It's amazing how I am running around and around like a hamster on a wheel trying to get everything prepared and really, it's totally up to God and his timing.

The sun reminded me of that yesterday, somehow.

This morning I woke up to a snow storm. Gotta love the Midwest. I got up a little bit earlier than the girls to read and pray. Something I NEVER do.

Polly is playing with her Little People Farm, the girls are off to school, Sergei is at work.

We have no where we need to be today, no need for driving.

I will do a few more things for the dossier, fold laundry, play with Polly.

And I remember the sunshine from yesterday.

It's keeping me warm today.

Maybe the sun is shining today where Evangeline is?