Monday, June 15, 2009

Today's visit

Our friend Julie drove us out to Vorzel today to visit was great to introduce her to Evie and to spend some time with her again, as we were teammates when we lived in Kiev and have remained close friends.

Our visit today went very well. We spent the whole time outside with Evie's groupa. She got really excited about seeing us as did the rest of the kids with her. They all were very cute. I want to take them all! And Evie seemed more ready to interact with us. She made more eye contact and played a bit with us.

A large therapy ball was outside today so we bounced Evie on it the way we used to do for Polly when she was little. Evie loved it and afterwards we walked her around the yard holding on to our fingers. With therapy, I'm sure she'll be walking in no time!

She also babbled a bit more today which was wonderful to hear. I even got her to repeat 'mama' once or twice :).

We are all tired today. I realized that we can't really do all day and night visits with friends and family and still be up for our visits out to Vorzelthe next morning. It will be tough to balance b/c there are people we need to see, but our number one priority is to be here for Evie.

I think the time change is affecting us more today as well. The first few days we must have been living off of adrenaline.